Forex Vs Binary Options?

What’s the Best Online Trading System?

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One of the most exciting aspects of trading binary options is the short term trading aspect where you could possibly make a couple hundred or thousands of dollars in a very short period of time especially in trending markets. This aspect is what drives thousands if not tens of thousands of people to open up trading accounts each month, the prospect of making consistent profits online in relatively short periods of times due to the easy access to leverage and micro price movements in the markets.

Forex Brasil was first and is seem as the most authentic and reliable way to trade online as the same trades that can be taken in the middle of wall street in a multi-billion dollar hedge fund can be taken by a stay at home with a laptop computer and a decent internet connection. The advent of the internet of the internet has completely leveled the playing field for everyone to trade in the financial markets.

Opções Binárias is still relatively new which has made many people interested in trading the financial markets due to the low barriers to entry and simplistic trading simply picking up or down and then deciding how long you would like to be in that trade which has caused several people to question whether what the preferential method for trading is.

I can concede that for short term trading binary options may be a better option than Forex especially due to slippage in forex however for longer term trades Forex is definitely significantly better simply because binary options doesn’t have the option for longer term trades. You could alternatively trade real options however it’s quite complex and not really accessible to the average person.

Forex on the other hand is relatively simple the same strategies and technology, and process for short term trades which can be used for long term trades which could last months or even years.

I don’t think it’s whether one is better than the other I think it’s simply a choice of what you wish to do and how you wish to invest in the financial markets.

P.S – Beware of the several binary options scams out there their industry is still fairly new and has several cowboys still out there.

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